I help you to stop dieting.

Not to end up gaining 10kg, but to become the healthiest and fittest version of yourself. Does that sound contradictory to you? Then my coaching program is just the right thing for you!

I am speaking from experience

I started with a low-carb diet, then keto, calorie counting, obsessive exercise and I was losing 4 kg of bodyweight in a week. It was obviously not healthy, bot physically and mentally and it resulted in an eating problem, gaining 10 kg of bodyweight, restlessness, stress, panic, you name it.

But then this happened…

I stopped dieting and exercising obsessively and started working on myself. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Holistically, in other words. With my coach.

And now I use all that experience, knowledge and love to help you get out of this negative spiral and get back in touch with your body. Because that’s where taking a good care of your body starts.

Do you want that too?

During my coaching program we work on this together. The program is completely customized because every woman needs a different approach.

We will work on your self-image, your relationship with food and sports, your dreams, rediscovering your sense of hunger, rest and recovery and much more!

It all comes down to one word: intuition.

Intuitive you

3 months program

6 online coaching sessions

5 days per week online support

1 online PT session per week (from your living room)

nutrition advice (no diet or plan)

sports advice / training plan (according to your wishes)

15% discount on online masterclasses of Merel

Intuitive you premium

6 months program

12 online coaching sessions

EMB test incl. nutritional and lifestyle advice by an orthomolecular coach

5 days per week online support

1 online PT session per week (from your living room)

sports advice / training plan (according to your wishes)

Free access to online masterclasses of Merel

The results you can expect

Intuitive living, eating and exercising. In short, you learn to listen to your intuition.

You achieve and maintain a healthy weight effortlessly

Peace in your mind

No more binge eating!

Relaxed around food, you can enjoy it without guilt or stress

Enjoy life to the fullest!

More energy

And much more!

"Last night went well! Meditated/exercised for the first time after working out when I got home. Really consciously ate something and tried to relax on the couch with Netflix. I often thought: will it still go wrong, huh you are not thinking about food etc. (and then trying to accept that those thoughts are there)."

Esmee (coaching client after her first coaching session)

Let’s get in touch!

Leave your e-mail address here and I will contact you to schedule a free introductory online call to get to know each other and find out if there is a match.

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